What is Hopia?

The word comes from the Chinese hò-pià (好餅), meaning ‘good pastry.’

Hopia is a relatively cheap Chinese-Filipino pastry traditionally filled with either mung beans (Hopia Mongo) or wintermelon (cooked in pork fat more commonly knowned as Hopia Baboy).First introduced by the Hokkien (Fukienese – Fujian Province) immigrants from China. In the early times, there were only the two traditional flavors of hopia, until the late eighties (1980’s), When Mr. Gerry Chua, introduced the Hopia Ube, the first ever modern flavor of Hopia. Inspired by Pampanga’s Ube Halaya, Gerry created his innovation to save the business which at that time had a hard time trying to keep up. Eng Bee Tin then marketed the Hopia Ube which made waves and paved the way to Eng Bee Tin’s Success. Today Eng Bee Tin as a leader in innovation in the Philippine – Chinese Delicacies market has introduced more than 25 different flavors of hopia, and also introduced advancements in terms of packaging and manufacturing practices in the trade.   This innovation in hopia also inspired Gerry fondly called Mr. Ube to also innovate in other Chinese Delicacies such as the very popular tikoy, which is a staple product every Chinese New Year, from the classic variants (White and Brown Tikoy), Eng Bee Tin has introduced a variety of options not only in flavors but also in the product choices as well.

They have introduced the Mochi, a ready to eat glutinous rice cake and the Tikoy Rolls which is also ready to eat but filled with the traditional Mung-Bean filling. Aside from this Eng Bee Tin also introduced fusion products like the “Mochipia” which consists of the Two Chinese Delicacy favorites the Hopia and Tikoy brought together in one product. There is also hopia’s for each and every person, they have introduced Hopia Lite, which is a variation of hopia that is suitable for diabetics as it has low glycemic index, and also the Custard Hopia series which the young ones really enjoys.

Hopia has truly come a long way from the humble to flavors…

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